What are the Differences Between WordPress Themes and WooCommerce Themes?

WooCommerce is designed to work well within whichever WordPress theme you are already using, but dedicated WooCommerce themes offer options and styles created specifically for WooCommerce stores. The recommended default theme for WooCommerce is called Storefront, but you may want to try out different themes to see which you like best for your WordPress website. Read More >

Using Product Categories in WooCommerce

In this tutorial: What are Product Categories? How to Assign a Category to a Product How to Edit Categories Category Images What are Product Categories? Product Categories provide an extra layer of information about your products and help organize your store. In your product hierarchy, Categories should be considered less specific than product tags. For Read More >

Using Linked Products in WooCommerce

Types of Linked Products: Related Products How to Use Cross-Sells How to Up-Sell a Product Once you have added products to your WooCommerce store and have used product tags to identify them, you can start linking products together where appropriate. If you are selling products that work well together, you can provide easy linking for Read More >

How to Use Product Attributes in WooCommerce

As discussed in the full guide about adding products in WooCommerce, Attributes can be used for important product distinctions such as color or size as well as providing more technical information about your products and setting variables. In this article, you’ll learn more about how to use product attributes in WooCommerce. Attributes function similarly to Read More >

Working with WooCommerce Extensions and Product Licenses

Introduction WooCommerce supports a vast fleet of extensions to help you work more productively. Some of these extensions can be used as free plugins but there are premium extensions available as well. The difference between WordPress plugins and WooCommerce extensions is that an “extension” is a plugin that runs within a plugin (in this case, Read More >

How to Audition Different Themes with WooCommerce

In this tutorial: How to use the WordPress Theme Preview Assigning Different Themes to Pages and Posts Before you decide on a theme for your WooCommerce store, you may wish to “audition” a series of different themes. Every WooCommerce or WordPress theme offers a different look and feel with generally similar functionality. Keep in mind Read More >