Can You Undo a Commit In Git?

Can you undo a commit in Git? There are many instances in which you may want to reset your current working directory to a former state, marked by a commit, tag, or other “treeish.” The “reset” command can be destructive and wipe out your work. Be very careful when using this command. Git is incredibly Read More >

How To Choose a WYSIWYG Website Builder

Choosing a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG, pronouned “wizzy-wig”) website builder is a personal choice. Much of the process is based on personal tastes and preferences. And yet, there are some logical processes you can run through in the cost/benefit analysis that might help inform your preferences. This article attempts to answer the question, “How do you choose Read More >

Why Is Grep Returning No Matches?

The grep (“go to regular expression and print”) command line utility is one of the most important programs in your Unix toolkit, and indispensable when managing your own private server. Grep is a powerful search tool that can help you find patterns in critical files (and directories). It can also search recursively within multiple files Read More >

What Kind of Web Hosting Do I Need?

What kind of web hosting do you need? Hopefully, this article helps you better understand the answer to that question so you get the most for your money. Before we begin: This may seem like a decision that will stick with you for a while, similar to a domain registration. However, unlike a domain registration, Read More >