ecbiz115 shared IP updated due to DDoS attack

Issue:ecbiz115 is experiencing intermittent connectivity issues due to a DDoS attack.
Status:We have swapped the IP address being attacked with several new IP addresses.
Who is impacted? Users on
You can find what server you are on here.
Estimated time until resolution:Depends how your domain is pointed at us.


If your domain name is already pointed at our name servers, then your website should automatically switch over to the new IP address assigned by our systems team within 24 hours. During that time you can also use the temporary URL to access your site, or modify your local hosts files to directly resolve your domain name to the new IP address.

If you’re managing your own DNS records for your domain, you’ll want to find your shared IP address in cPanel for your account and update your external DNS records to reflect this new IP address.

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