Do you provide SSH access?

SSH Access is available to our VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Business Class Hosting, and Reller Hosting users. How can I get Shell Access? VPS/Dedicated Shell Access There are a few requirements for using SSH with your VPS or Dedicated Server. For standard SSH, you can log in using your cPanel username and password. For Read More >

How to Install GoAccess Web Analytics on Debian

GoAccess is a light-weight free open source log analyzer. Matomo and other self-hosted website analytics applications use PHP and a SQL database to manage web analytics data. Other applications including Google Analytics and Mixpanel store the data externally. GoAccess uses your pre-existing server logs to provide web analytics data you can easily manipulate within your Read More >

How to Change Your Server SSH Port

Have you ever tried any basic port scanning with Netcat, Nmap, and Telnet against your server or local network? If so, you know how easy it can be to check for open ports and accompanying services. And anyone can search how to find port numbers in cPanel software. Social engineering is being used more for Read More >

Accessing your Ansible Control Node

Our Ansible Control Node allows you to start managing remote systems. The container is set up with Git, popular playbooks, an is easy to configure in the Account Management Panel (AMP). This allows you to spend less time working on your Ansible agent and more time managing remote nodes. Features include: All needed Python and Read More >

Root Access FAQ

If you’re not very familiar with root access to a server, it’s actually quite a big deal. We’ve created this article to help answer several of the more common questions related to root access. What is root access? Root access is administrative access to a server. With root access, you can perform any action needed Read More >