5 Simple Hacks to Make you look like a System Administrator

Five tips to make you look like a system administrator

Building a website from scratch has never been easier. However, it is helpful to have at least a little background knowledge on how to operate a website. If nothing else, having this knowledge will help improve efficiency and allow you to achieve exactly what you want with your website. You don’t have to have system admin qualifications to do this, but this article describes five hacks to make you look like one.

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Use A Great Text Editor

The key to finding a great text editor is knowing what you need and how you’ll use it. Products like Notepad++ and PSPad are great because they save a backup of your work automatically. This is very beneficial since you can always revert back to a previous version if you discover a mistake or if you simply have a change of heart and don’t want to start from the beginning. Every sysadmin relies on their text editor and you should be able to as well.

Sync All of Your Bookmarks and Shortcuts

A good system admin will be able to work efficiently and not waste much time. With business constantly on-the-go, you likely have multiple devices you use to do your job and run your website. Syncing all of your bookmarks and shortcuts will ensure you always have the information you need wherever you are. 

Educate Yourself on Coding

You don’t have to be an expert in coding, which is a good thing since you probably have no desire to be. However, it is beneficial to at least be familiar with how coding works. When you have a basic understanding of different codes, you can work with your providers, developers or other experts to find a solution. A sysadmin isn’t always an expert in coding, but they do typically have a general understanding of it.

Use OneNote To Your Advantage

Everyone from the average person to a skilled and experienced system admin can find a use for OneNote. The ability to sync different systems together is underrated and goes a long way in boosting efficiency. There are so many features OneNote offers that you can find at least one that makes it worth it to you.

Dropbox Offers Effective Storage Solutions For A System Admin

A system admin has to have effective storage solutions and Dropbox usually checks all the boxes. It’s particularly important for a sysadmin when it comes to storing command-line utilities they depend on and use regularly. As with OneNote, there are plenty of uses with Dropbox depending on your needs as a business owner.

Congratulations! Now you’re ready to take your website to the next level and look like a professional system admin in the process. By using these tools and techniques, you’ll boost your efficiency and become an expert in more ways than one. If you need any other assistance, contact InMotion Hosting at any time.

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