What is the difference between eNom Sub-Retail and Sub-Reseller account in the InMotion Store?

The InMotion Store can be accessed at http://imhstore.com and allows you to buy domains via eNom. As a Reseller, eNom sub-accounts let you manage domains for your customers. There are 2 options when creating sub-accounts: Sub-Retail, and Sub-Reseller. Every account is setup as a Sub-Retail account by default; which, is still a reseller. Here are some of the main differences between the accounts types, as per their FAQ page.

Sub-Retail vs Sub-Reseller

Distinctions Sub-Retail Sub Reseller
How to Pay
  • Pay for each transaction from the credit card you have setup in the account.
  • Add money to the account, then use these “credits” to pay.
How much Admin Control will you get?
  • You can perform almost any action in a retail sub-account.
  • There are actions you can perform only if you log in to the subaccount directly. You can’t perform actions such as purchases and viewing credit card information if you log in from the parent account.
  • Do not have to keep an account balance with eNom (IMH Store)
  • You are able to use the API which allows our customer’s clients to purchase a domain instantly through the customer’s site.
  • The prices are lower for a sub-reseller account than for a sub-retail.
  • Have to purchase each domain on behalf of their customer through the imhstore site.
  • The prices are higher for a sub-retail account than for a sub-reseller.
  • Having to keep an account balance on file at eNom.
  • Not being able to change back to Sub-Retail if that is desired. (A New account would have to be created if they wanted to go back to Sub-Retail)

How to Change Sub-Retail to Sub-Reseller account

Thoughts on “What is the difference between eNom Sub-Retail and Sub-Reseller account in the InMotion Store?

  • Hi,

    I freelance web developer and want to buy reseller package. There are there inmotion hosting reseller packages and with all there packages, unlimited domains are included. 

    I have seen above that I have to pay for domain registration as a reseller. 

    My question is if unlimited domains are included in reseller hosting packages then why a reseller have to pay for domain registration?

    • The unlimited domains for a hosting plan means that you can have unlimited domains on the server account. However, the domain names are not part of that. Those must be registered separately.

  • Hi, after a lot of going around I believe I have found out that the Free “Enom Reseller Account” you offer is not any of the Enom Reseller Plans and is a different Reseller account right? I have tried to get an answer about what kind of Enom plans are you offering but no one seems to know it. Enom offer 3 types of Reseller Accounts, and none of them looks like to be the one you offer for free when you sell your plans. Enom have Gold, Silver, and Platinum. If you offer a Free Enom Reseller Account, which one is it? And most important, where are the details about the licensing and domain prices I will be getting with that specific account?

    • Those who sign up through the IMHStore become a second tier reseller. It is kind of like an affiliate program. If you like the eNom plans, you can sign up directly through them as well.

  • How can I open the E-nom account??!

    not the inmotion store

    i mean the enom so I can put prices on the domains so I let

    my customer buy from it!

    • Hello Farha,

      While we do not have a reseller demo on our servers, it is very much like the WHM demo that cPanel provides. Reseller accounts do not allow for root access, so they will not have as many functions available as a WHM account with root, but that is the only difference there. Resellers also have access to our IMH store where you can sign up to be a domain reseller for extra income as well.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

    • My brand new IMHStore account has been upgraded from sub-retailer to sub-reseller. Now, how am I able to use the API to sell domains through my site?

      I quote: “You are able to use the API which allows our customer’s clients to purchase a domain instantly through the customer’s site.”

      Thank you,

    • Hello Alejandro,

      As per your question (on a different page), the use of the API requires some coding on your website. We unfortunately can’t provide that direct code, but eNom provides some great references that may help:

      API Documentation
      eNom Reference page

      Sorry that we can’t provide a direct solution for you, but we hope the guides help.

      Arnel C.

    • Arnel, thank you for help and I’ll review the links that you mention. Later on I’ll let you know if they helped (which they might). Cheers!

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