Drupal URL path problem with mikutowskiwoodworking.com

  • Answered
Site was pushed from test to live, now picture path is wrong. How to correct this in Administer?
Hello, We are sorry that you're having problems getting this Drupal site up and running with the correct URL. The main issue is that when we look at the configuration or the paths that Drupal is trying to use, they're coming up with something like: sites/default/files/themes/bluemarine/images/JewelryBoxes/LARGE%20JEWELRY%20BOXES.jpg This path shows capitalization in the path and "%20" fill-ins which indicate spaces in the path name. These path names are not optimal for use on a Linux-based web server. The paths look like they were being used in a Windows network, and should be adjusted for use on the web server by removing the capitalization and spaces in the path in the development server. The possible problem would be that any future references to these paths and files would not include the correctly capitalized words used for the file or path names, in addition to the "%20" placed to fill in for spaces. The "sites/default/files" path is SET by going into the File System when logging into Drupal as an Administrator. As we do not have immediate access into your VPS, you would need to find the corresponding path where you have installed your site and place that correct path in that location. Once the correct path is there, then the Drupal application will know WHERE to look for the files on the web server. I apologize that this doesn't immediately CORRECT your problem, but the paths when entered correctly in your Drupal installation will fix the problems that you're currently seeing. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.