How to transfer a domain that I own to someone else

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I am trying to transfer a domain I own to another person.  I have this domain register here at InMotion.

I ask him to initiate the transfer on his side and he tried.  But, the transfer agent that he is using is ask for the

username and password for the domain ??? I don't know that I have a UN/PW for any of my domains.

What is it asking for? 

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Hello Robert,

Thanks for posting your question about transferring your domain to another person. This is a meticulous process. I recommend you contact our live Customer Success team about. Due to the private nature of the details that are needed, the public forum is not secure enough to assist you.

If you contact our Customer Service team directly and explain the situation, they will be able to provide you the exact steps to take to transfer the ownership to someone else. Your authorization needs to occur before the other person is able to authorize the transfer of ownership to their account. Therefore, it is best if you contact us first.

I hope this helps!


Carlos D.