Prestashop Paypal credit card transactions ok but orders not in BO

  • Answered
We've recently had a problem with Prestashop with credit card transactions through Paypal. While we are receiving the Paypal receipts in email, orders are not being recorded in the Prestashop BO nor are we receiving email order notifications. Any idea why this could be happening?

Sorry for the problems with the Paypal credit card transactions in PrestaShop. Unfortunately, without more information on the issue, it would be difficult to troubleshoot. If you are using an official Paypal module, then it's possible that the communications coming FROM Paypal are not being recorded at the server. Can you provide more information on the module you're using for Paypal? Can you provide version of the module? Also, if you're using a paid module such as the Paypal Pro version, then you may need to consult with the Paypal in regards to any particular issues. .

If you can provide more information on the issue , then we would be happy to investigate the issue further. Our apologies again for the problems with the Paypal transactions.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.