Error When Updating Name Servers

  • Answered
I had transferred my domain to an InMotion reseller account. Now I am trying to update the name servers, but am receiving the following error: There was a problem with processing your request. Ensure that the nameservers you are trying to set have been created. If they have not, you can go here to do so.

Clicking the "here" link in the error message takes me to a page that says, "Oops...there was an error with your request." I am trying to use and but also tried the ns1/ just out of curiosity. Any ideas for what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
Hello orangeriverdesign, Thank you for contacting us about errors when updating Nameservers in AMP. There is a know bug at this time, that causes that error. Our Development team is currently working to correct this. Please submit a ticket, and Live Support can make the update for you. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul B