need to host audio files simply

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I need to have a simple way to host audio files (mp3 and wav) on my site.

I want people to access a url click on a link in the site or go directly to a URL and first be authenticated (user name and password), then have access to see, download and stream files (and folders) contianing audio . The material is original content by us. Streaming is not a priority but would be nice. Access needs to be read only of course. I am looking for function similar to gallery programs for photographs.

I can give access using file manager software but the interface for the user is needlessly complex.

I want to be able to add audio files by FTP or some other sync method and not have to do anything to the hosting app to have the new source material appear.

I don't think a shopping cart will work because you normally need to make the cart aware of newly uploaded content and pricing (0.00) in this case. Most gallery programs do not have this requirement AFIK.

TIA for any suggestions.
Hello, Thanks for the question about hosting audio files. You're asking for a few things that really require custom coding. This isn't something that you'll find as default capabilities to software for hosting a site. I would suggest checking out as a good place to save your files and make it available for people to download. It's similar to Youtube, but made for audio files. You do already have FTP access to a hosting account with InMotion, but automatically listing a new file on a page isn't something that would happen without a little coding - especially if you want to add a description that would describe the file. If you were to use this method, you could use a software like WordPress, upload your files to Yourlisten, then create posts that describe your uploaded files and provide a link for your customers. Yourlisten would allow your customers to stream the audio files. If you want to keep things minimal without any descriptions and just lists of files or folders, then you could simply use a directory listing. We have an article on REMOVING directory listing, but you could NOT do what it suggests and simply upload files or folders into a location through FTP. You would then provide a simple link on your website that would show the files in that location. There would be nothing prompting a user that they could download files, but they can simply click on the file listed and then download them that way. When you upload a file into that location, it would be automatically become available for viewers of the page. This is NOT for streaming files. Additionally, if you have large files, then we highly recommend that you use a CDN in order help keep your website running optimally and also make content more easily downloadable for your visitors. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Kindest regards, Arnel C.