all kinds of strange events on WP sites

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1. Settings > Reading > changed from Static Page to Latest Post. then i get a Page Not Found (since i don't have any posts). i went into 1 addon domain and changed an image on the home page and deactivated Meta Slider which resulted in above. SiteOrigin, Vantage Theme, Page Builder pluse 25 plugins. this has happened on 2 addon domains so far.
1b. on same sites i noticed the Static Page i use for home page, it's the static page i use for Home page is having strange Permalink issues where the suffix part is changing to a name it wasn't before. it is a page name from another addon domain in my cpanel. i did use softaculous clone 1.5 years ago to create most of the sites in my cpanel but the name showing up in suffix was never used in this site.

2. softaculous clone seems to have a bug i've found where it's not properly cloning a site built with Siteorigin plugins.

3. 2 weeks ago i found a text file in my cpanel, a.txt, in another addon domain directory with text "Hacked By ZeynnymouZ". IMH scanned for malware and said i was clean but they don't scan for code injection. they said it might have just been a text file. i told softaculous techs and IMH about the ZeynnymouZ but all you guys feel this has nothing to do with the very strange events that are happening.

4a. i am NOT able to Run this Bishop Vulnerability Scanner. i can load the Demo Rules but there's not info on how to execute/run it!
4b. do you know of any code injection scanners or code injection "repair" tools?

thanks for any help
Hello TheBoatPeople, Sorry about the problems with your website. I will go through each of your points. Please note that if you require individual inspection of your website, you should be submitting a support ticket to our live support team. 1. If you're getting behaviors that are unusual due to the removal or change of a third-party plugin/theme, you will need to consult with the support for that plugin or theme. There are thousands of plugins and themes available for WordPress. We unfortunately cannot provide support for all of them. 1b. If you used a clone to create your WordPress sites, you will have needed to reset your permalinks by saving them as default and then re-saving them to your custom permalink. Otherwise, the permalinks in the database would not be overwritten. If you are using any type of caching, it would also be advisable to clear that cache as it can retain any previous setting. 2. We are unfortunately not the coders for Softaculous. If you're finding a bug due to a third party plugin, you will need to consult with the support/developer of that plugin in order to resolve any particular abnormal behavior. 3. If support had found old text in your files (possibly from a previous issue), and they have declared it benign, then it will not affect your website. A text file would not affect your website, or cause the behavior that you're seeing above. 4. Installing software such as Bishop Vulnerability Scanner requires that you have root access to your account. I do not know of any code injection scanners or code injection "repair" tools that you could use for your website. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.