Can BoxTrapper block subjects?

  • Answered
Is there a format i can use in the Ignore and Black lists to keep particular subjects out of my BoxTrapper queue?

I already use the inmotion cPanel BoxTrapper application to weed through spam. I've added plenty of addresses and domains to my Ignore/Black List files, but that does not stop nearly enough.

For example, my Ignore list includes entries include formats like:
from announcements\@youngstartups\.net
from .+\.xyz

Once i put them in, those sender addresses stopped showing up. But by the next day the subjects that were sent were back, simply showing up from a different address.

So can i put in an entry to block a subject? I'm really not interested in the topic of "Beautify Your Garage Floor." (Which comes every day from new addresses.) :-)

Hello, Thanks for the question on a format to use in the Ignore and Black lists to keep particular subjects out of the BoxTrapper queue. Boxtrapper is used to allow users to email you based on an approval from the user, so I don't believe you can use Boxtrapper block out emails based on content AFTER you have approved it. However, you can create user level filters that apply to each user account. These filters can be easily created to filter out the subjects that you don't want to appear in your email. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.