Resource usage overage issue - please help.

  • Answered
Hi, I was told by customer service to contact you.

I received an email saying the resource usage was high. I was told to add a wordpress plugin "super cache". I did that, but was told my settings were not right. I followed the directions on inmotion's site and emailed to ask whether the settings were now correct, and whether my resource usage was now okay or not. I've written three times but have not heard back.

I'm very concerned because I keep hearing that it's possible inmotion would pull the site if the resource issue persists. This site is essential to my business and cost many thousands to create, so I must have the ability to know it's secure on your servers.

Also for the last few days I stayed off my site so as not to increase the usage, and I need to be able to get back on and make some changes.

Can you please tell me:

- Are my super cache settings are correct
- Is my resource usage acceptable
- Should it be okay to start working on the site again as far as resource usage goes
- If the site is not okay yet, what should I do?

Please help.

Unfortunately due to the account specific information we would need and should not be published on this live forum, you would need to respond to the resource overage email you received as that will go directly to our systems administrators. I apologize that you received false information onhowtomove forward.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens