Is my Joomla 3.0 resource demand too much for InMotion Hosting?

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I run a simple corporate website using the latest version of Joomla ( No commenting features, no social signups, no advanced database collecting, no crazy webcarts, video content served externally. Pretty much plain vanilla site but with nice graphics, responsive layout and a contact form.

InMotion seemed like the right decision until I started getting resource limit warnings. Now after a week or so of trying to wrangle myself into the process limit restrictions that are setup, I'm VERY doubtful that it's possible to operate a joomla 3.0 site using a gantry themed template framework (RocketTheme) given these limits. In fact, when I looked at the resource limits of inmotion's own Joomla 3.0 cpanel install, it was barely acceptable under the PRO shared hosting plan and that was with zero website traffic.

I've been in contact with the guys over in hosting department. While they have been responsive, they are not familiar with Joomla (contrary to what some of the website marketing may indicate).

Steps taken:
1) Implemented additional security to administrator login via cpanel protected directory. Apache .htaccess that does the blocking so helps avoid attacks.
2) Site is caching as much of the content as possible using advanced settings via JCH Optimize.
3) Blocked website spam and bad robots with recommendations from

My question is simply - am I simply asking to much of InMotion?

According to InMotion's marketing ( "We know Joomla and we know Hosting" but I'm coming up a bit empty handed. The speed is fantastic but I'll be booted from the server if I can't figure out how to operate the site within limits.
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about usage in Joomla 3.0. We host many Joomla 3 sites successfully, but each site differs based on the specific 3rd party addon/extension they are using. Since you are using many non-standard plugins/components (such as obgrabber, and qflarticlesfilter), it is difficult to find the specific cause of the problems. (I also noticed a lot of non-standard modules). As a test, I recommend disabling the plugins/components you are not using as often, to see if it brings down your resource usage. Then reviewing it after a couple of days, to see how it affects the overall performance of your site. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul