New Wordpress install 404 when accessing wp-admin

  • Answered
Hello -

I have a new reseller account and setting up the main website. I installed WP with no errors but when attempting to access I get a 404 error. cPanel lists the files and I just did a default install. Any ideas?
Hello glose, Thank you for your question on accessing the wp-admin. When I checked the domain itself, I am only seeing a server default page. As this is not pointing correctly, the wp-admin section will give a 404. You will want to check and ensure you have the domain name set up on the server properly. If it is a primary domain there should be nothing else you need to do. If it is an addon domain, then be sure you have set it up properly. If things look correct but still are not working correctly, you may want to contact the Live Support Team to see if there is something something specific wrong with your account. Kindest Regards, Scott M