My password works to login, but I can't access a different POP3 acct.

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My password works to login, but I can't access a different POP3 acct.

I'm following instructions from lifehacker, Instructions are quite clear.

I like the instructions on Again, quite clear!

So. . . what’s the problem ? The *problem* *is* that my password is not accepted.
First, I enter the username of the *old* email address, as requested on this site: (you might not be able to see that, because it shows my new gmail address).

and here are the first three lines I read (sorry, they were in graphic form when I wrote this in Word):

Add a mail account you own
Enter the mail settings for [email protected] Learn more

Email address: [email protected]

This is very clear. No problem.

Then. . . (again, sorry. . . these were in graphic form earlier):



POP Server: Port:

Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server. Learn more

Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail.Learn more

Label incoming messages:

Archive incoming messages (Skip the Inbox)

That's what I see. So. . .I enter the username (i.e., the string of characters before the string
Then I enter the password for that account. BUT!!!. . . this is what comes up., in *red print.* (Wish you could see it):

Server denied POP3 access for the given username and password.
Server returned error: "[AUTH] Web login required:"

And *yet*. . . when I got into the account 3 minutes earlier, the password was accepted.

Now, the natural thing to do is to say. . . “You must have typed your password wrong.”
Sorry! I deny that. I got out of the old account, entered it again, entered the password, everything works!
“So. . .as username, try the entire email address, rather than just the string before
I did that too! Again, the password was not accepted. Same message as above.

I‘ve tried these steps 10 times. Typed password very carefully. Respected caps on and caps off protocols. Still, no luck.

(I‘m using Chrome. Does it have a problem? I really don’t want to use something else.)


Hello GSGiauque,

I tested with my own account and it seemed to work. What about the server name? Are you using If so, please try simply using and see if that helps. Keep the port at 110 as that should be fine.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M