what do i use to actually create the website?

  • Answered
i created a user name and password and when i logged onto it I didn't see my domain name and when I click on certain things like the cpanel it keeps saying my login info is invalid. What do I do?
Hello Kevin, Thanks for the question and sorry for the confusion. I'm not sure how or what you're using to login, but the first thing you should know is that there two main interfaces given to you when you first sign up for an account: cPanel and the Account Management Panel (AMP). Click on the link to learn the difference between the two. AMP uses your email address, while the cPanel uses an assigned USER ID for logging in. This information was given to you when your account was confirmed and setup - it should have been emailed to you. There are MANY different ways to build a website. How you wish to do it is going to be up to you. We do have a software called the Premium Web Builder. We also recommend using the most commonly used software to build websites on the internet called WordPress. Take a look at these solutions and if they don't strike your fancy, then take a look at Softaculous. It allows you to install hundreds of different programs that may meet your needs. If you do continue to have problems with the login, our live technical support team is available 24/7 via phone/email/chat (contact information is below). They can help you get logged in while talking with you. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.