What happend with Inmotion Support!!

  • Answered
After a server change from West Datacenter to East the dns point to old server. 3 weeks later i notice the error and after 3 chats and 2 support ticket the dns point to correct server. Now we are waitting to resync the servers because the changes, updates, emails... of my customers are in the old server (we haven't acceso to it). Many chats, tickets, emails and no answer from Inmotion. They only said that notify me by email when the resync finish, but 24 hours later the resync is not completed. My customers lost reservation emails (one is a hotel), other lost orders (is a very rare dissected insects store), and professional photographers lost publications and mails. And Inmotion dont said anything... This is not the support that they offer. What happend? Few months ago the support of Inmotion was Very Good, but now is... too bad.
Hello, I am very sorry you have had such a bad time with the move. This is definitely not normal and should be investigated. I highly suggest you contact our Customer Service department with your story as you can also give them the information to locate your specific account to investigate the mishap. They also have the authority to get things corrected and assist you in any other way. Kindest Regards, Scott M