About wp-admin media upload functionality and add tags functionality

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Wordpress media images not uploading..
I have a problem when i upload media images it will not uplaoding, also page featured images, page tags.. also not working..

when i upload images using media at that this error occurs
" “Desert.jpg” has failed to upload due to an error
The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads/2014/11. "
try to solve error with upload folder permission.. but not working that and also tags is not working..

please help me..

Lots Of Thank you..

There are a few questions we would need to ask so we have more information on the matter. What version of WordPress are you using? What theme are you using? Does this work when all plugins are disabled? Did it just start happening or did it always have the issue? Are you using any plugins for media? What is the exact error message you receive? What are the exact steps to take in order to duplicate the issue? Are you one of our customers? If so, what server are you on?

Kindest Regards,
Scott M