Prestashop Internal Links Problem

  • Answered
I recently activated (live) the Prestashop version of my website. The OpenCart site is no longer active.

I was in the process of recreating all of the internal links on my website and noticed that the product editor is not saving any internal links. it acts like it is going to but upon pressing SAVE the link disappears. Please note that you will see some internal links on some of the products. Those are the ones from the Opencart version.

When I delete the OpenCart internal links and try to enter new ones, Prestashop will not allow me to. Nothing is saved. For example, if you go to the first products which is under DOGS>PILLOW BEDS>TUCKERED OUT DOG BED. You will note that in the description there should be an internal link for "100% IntelliLoft" to the IntelliLoft information page. Just like my other webite was. Prestashop will not allow new links.

Please advise.

Hello Bruce,

Thanks for your patience! Sorry for the problem you're seeing with the Microsoft Internet Explorer. Scott and I both loaded the page and poked around at the link with several different browsers. However, the problem is that we both have Internet Explorer 11 and it's working with no issues in this version. We also can't go back to the older versions. We also tested in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox with no issues. I also tested the site on my Macbook Pro. I double-checked the AHREF code in your description and it looks good. Can you tell us what version of IE that you're running? We are unable to duplicate the issue here.

Thanks again for giving us time to review the issue. Let us know if you require further assistance.

Arnel C.