vps server required for emailing

  • Answered
I am running an digital marketing company and to send marketing mailers to my client i need a server.

can i use vps server to send mails for marketing.
please respond
Hello, Thanks for the question. You can always send legitimate marketing emails through your account. If you need help on how to craft your emails so that they are not considered SPAM, please see Stop Emails from being labeled as Spam. The main issue with marketing emails is the amount being sent within a period of time. VPS servers can have the limit modified. This can be done by changing the maximum hourly email limit in WHM. Please consider that this can have a very negative affect on your account because of the load it may produce on your server (depending on the emails being sent out). Additionally, if you fail to correctly create your emails so that they are considered spam, then you run the risk of being blacklisted and having your account suspended or blocked from sending emails. Please carefully review your number of emails and the rate at which your are sending them if you decide to use your vps account for marketing emails. Kindest regards, Arnel C.