Transfer Inmotion base mail to google apps [wizard install]

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While migrating some MX records are going to be modify, . . . so, that means Gmail is going to identify
- Address book?
- Mails stored, send and received?
- Any folders (which hold ordered mails )?
. . . o do I need to download (if its possible) in order to have Gmail look as close as I had in inmotion hosting?

In short what do I have to do to have Gmail order and fill with the information I had in Roundcube.

And last Q, the files on my mail inmotion hosting, are going to be deleted during the transfer process or do I have some time afterwards to go back and have access?

I have read three of the articles on the support center and the one's in google as well, but I'm having a hard time to see how they connect to each other and on which part of the process would I see them.

Thank you very much!!
Hello Adminpaz, Thanks for the question and sorry for the confusion! The actual process of changing over to Google Apps (e.g. changing email over to Google) means that you're switching the settings so that mail that 's sent after the change goes over to Google. It does not transfer any of the existing mail or contact data over to Google for you. If you're trying to have your contacts moved over you would need to export them from something like Roundcube and then import them into Google. Old mail would need to be forwarded. Signatures would need to be re-created in Google's app. The article on using the Google Apps Wizard would be the best way to switch over without having to make the changes manually. If you continue to have any further questions, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.