Mail problems after server migration

  • Answered
I just had my account moved from one inMotion server to another. I have 2 domains. The email accounts for the primary domain work fine in my mail client. The email accounts associated with a secondary domain, do not work.

When the account was transferred to the new server, the SSL certificate wasn't re-installed on the web server. That was fixed earlier today. But perhaps the mail problem is associated with that. I can retrieve mail via webmail, but not via IMAP using OS X Mail.

I have tried deleting and recreating the account in OS X Mail. I have used the mail setup script in Cpanel, and tried to set it up manually, and neither worked. The script still thinks I am on server 104, but I am now on biz152.

Any guidance is appreciated.
John Jackson
Hello John, When digging for domain information, I see that both your domains are pointed to the same server. This is good. If you are using the domain name as the host server name in the settings then they should be working correctly. The email client only bases connection off of a few settings. You will want to ensure that the settings for the non-functioning accounts are set to the same as those for the functioning accounts. It may have been a propagation issue after the domains were switched and the new IP was not quite registering for the second domain. Did the issue resolve itself? If you are still having issues, please check with our Live Support so they can go over the settings for your individual accounts to see where it may be going wrong. Kindest Regards, Scott M