How can I test my Joomla website on your server before going live!

  • Answered
According to support there is no way for me to do this. A tech sent me a link to an article telling me to edit my config file and sql (I think to point to your servers) but I never found any url in the sql file so that was a bust. When I called back the new tech guy said there was no way to do this (after trying multiple things). I find this very hard to believe. How is it possible that you can't simulate a website when you have all the files? Why do I have to change my nameservers and go live in order to see my website? Please tell me there is some way.
In regards to JeffMa's comment (that I can't respond to without giving you offline access via my Google acct), I want to add that I don't need to test that the coding works as a unit. I need to make sure it all works on Inmotion's end before going live.
To do so, you may simply install Joomla on your account, then make a host file modification that will allow only your computer to see your site as it is on your account with us.