Cannot add product to subcatoegories

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I have created some subcategories:
you can see I have :


>mini trading figures
and so on....

I understand wwhen I list a product and fill in the "category", I should type in the first letter and there will be a little menu appearing with all the categories and sub categories like this:

Posters > Small
Posters > medium
Posters > large

and then I should choose from the menu and it will be added to the box below.
Only Posters is showing, not the others! So I can't add items to the poster subcategory!

What's weird, is , for my Figures category, the menu looks like this:
Figures > Figmas

and that's it! The others are not showing!
So this subcategory thing is not completely not working, but I don't know why only the Figures > Figmas one is working
Please help!
Hello, I checked out my test installation of OpenCart and was experiencing the same thing. After several minutes of research and trying different things out I was able to get it to work properly. The key is to begin typing in the name of the Subcategory you want and not the main category. For instance, it you want to place an item in the "Posters > Small" subcategory, begin typing "Sm" instead of "Po". This will bring up any category or subcategory beginning with "Sm", so it would bring up "Posters > Small", but also "T-shirts > Small" or "Small figurines" or any other that began with "Sm". I think it is very counter-intuitive, but that seems to be the current design of the program. Give that a try and see if it helps you. As a side note: We wholeheartedly support and condone PrestaShop as a shopping cart software. We have had many OpenCart users make the switch and they think it is for the better. You may want to take a look or create a test site with it to see if you like it as well. We also support PrestaShop 1.5 and 1.6, whereas our most current OpenCart articles are for an older version (early 1.5 I believe. Kindest Regards, Scott M