I am not seeing pricing up on Presta Shop

  • Answered
I have a few quick questions, I am not seeing pricing come up on my store at http://store.familyfilmsproductions.com/ for my items I even when in the system and put show price and that does not list it either is there something I am doing wrong?

Also.... on the "heading" there is an option link for "blog" how do I change that in the settings to a different name and or new URL and re name that? (And also for the "moving images" on the front page thanks.
Be sure that you have the correct inventory settings defined so that your product is in stock. If not, this would cause the pricing and cart buttons to not show. Regarding the menu option, this can be configured with the "top horizontal menu" block. To access it, click on Modules, then click on the menu block, then click on Configure