Prestashop CMS Block Module.

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I will leave the USER and PASSWORD in the private links section.
Please note also that if you want to view my store FRONT END you can do so by clicking the "view my store" link at the far right hand in the header.

There are several tutorials about how to place links for information, etc in the footer. Note also that this is accomplished by the use of the CMS Block.

Any attempted edits to this block to add links in the footer have been unsuccessful. I have refreshed, deleted cache, deleted cookies. Please advise as to what is going on and how I can get the appropriate links in the footer.

Hello Bruce, When you are looking at the CMS Block in your PrestaShop admin you should have noticed that the INSTALLED was not highlighted in green. I went ahead and clicked on Enable below the module to activate it for you. Unfortunately it looks like there still might be something in your theme that is causing it to not display. As even the Display "Powered by PrestaShop" option isn't showing up on your site when the PrestaShop cache is disabled. I tested this module on another PrestaShop install using the default theme and it had no issues displaying the entered content. - Jacob