Can I Work on a New WordPress Site While My Weebly Site Remains Up?

  • Answered
Hello! I'm having a hard time getting started. I'm trying to install wordpress through Softaculous and I'm getting a bunch of errors. Is this because my site ( is already in use elsewhere? Does that mean I need to do additional steps? How can I keep my current site live until my wordpress one is ready? If you can link me to a specific tutorial, that's fine...I just don't know how to word it to find it. Thanks!!
Hello Showmeposh, Thanks for the question regarding building a new WordPress site, while your current site remains live. If you're still running your website on another host but you want to use WordPress with us, you can do this, but you would need to do a HOSTS file modification. Many developers do this in order to work with the domain name, while the domain is still operational elsewhere. It means that you will need to set aside one of the domains - either the www or non-www domain name for your site so that it will resolve to our server. Please click on the link I provided above and it will explain the steps needed to make the hosts file change that will let you work on your website on our hosting service while still using the domain name elsewhere. Regards, Arnel C.