Connecting Github and VPS

  • Answered
So we are planning to clone a repositry from Github to our servers. I have applied for the root access, so just waiting on that while i do that. I was hoping i can get a good idea on how to use Github in a good way how InMotion wants it to be.

Starting off, do i need to install of something on my VPS other then just the root access being granted to me? So i am assuming i will log into the SSH, and do the commands as instructed on git to clone or fork?

Or would there be more involved? I am looking for a brief solution. Where our team can Clone repositories and then make commits locally on a connected private git with Inmotion VPS.

The only change your would need to make would be installing Git if it is not already installed once you have root access. Other than that, you are ready to go. To install Git, just run this command via SSH when logged in as root:

yum install git