delete a folder in cPanel File Manager

  • Answered
I have tried to highlight a folder and click Delete sign on top in File Manager but it did not work.

Thank you
Hello Austion, thanks for your question. Sorry to hear that you're having issues deleting a folder using File Manager in cPanel. Is the folder you are trying to delete within your /public_html directory? It sounds like you possibly might be trying to remove a directory that the server itself uses for your account. As you should be able to simply highlight any folder and then click on the red X Delete icon at the top to remove the directory. Does it make any difference if you right-click on the folder, and then hit X Delete? If you are still having issues, it could possibly be that the folder you're trying to delete isn't fully owned by your user. Please submit a verified ticket with the name of the folder you're having problems removing and we can see if there are any issues server-side which might be preventing you from removing it. - Jacob