How Do I Request A Full Refund?

  • Answered

I have requested for 100 % Full Refund on 28-10-2013 via Ticket ID: 1599751 On 1-11-2013 customer support agent told me that Refund is delayed but i will get my refund Today ( on 1-11-2013 ) but when i did not received it so i replied again to the support ticket on 2-11-2013 the support agent told me that he is unable to check my Refund status untill 4-11-2013. Now it's 5-11-2013 and still i have not received my 100 % Full Refund. Even after 2-11-2013 i have not got any response to my tickets 1599751 & 1605061. I am still waiting for my Refund after 7 days of ticket opening. I talked to chat agent too and he told me that he is not able to discuss about refunds on chat.

Does any one process my 100 % Full Refund what is offered here ?
Hello AbhinavSrivastava, Thank you for your question about requesting a full refund. Refunds that are for credit card purchases are very easy and can be done within 24 hours usually. If you pay via check or PayPal, the process is different and getting the refund takes more time. This is due to the process involved in returning the money via the correct channels and the people involved. Those types of refunds are not normal so there are fewer people that work with those types. This can cause a short delay if refunds are requested over the weekends as well. Also, the Billing team is the correct team to contact about the issue, not the Support team. The best time to contact them is 8am-5pm EST by phone or chat. That is when the department has more staff to be able to answer your questions and process refunds. Best Regards, Scott M