Remove domain from search results

  • Answered
I created my hosting account and setup my website using domainA. Now that everything is up and running I registered a second domain: domainB, and set it up as a parked domain. Both domains point to the same website which is what I want. I also setup a redirect in cPanel to redirect domainA to domainB. I want to use domianB as my primary domain, and would rather my clients didn't see domainA but I still want it to work.

My question is: My site is starting to show up in google searches, but it's showing up as domainA. I was hoping the cPanel redirect would "hide" domainA from the results, but its not. Would a 301 Redirect using the htaccess file be any different than the cPanel redirect??
Is there another way to make search engines see domainB instead of domainA?
By the way I"m running Joomla 2.5.

Thanks for any help.
301 redirects will indeed cause search engines to index the new site instead of the old one, however, it does take some time for their crawlers to fully update all of the results. You should see some change over time but it is not a quick transition all at once. If you like, you could also place a removal request for the old domain within Google Webmaster Tools which would remove the content, but I'm not sure how it will effect the results of your new domain. Your best option would be to simply let them naturally re-index your site under the new domain with the 301 redirects still in place.