what do you mean with "6 Domains", in description of Launch Plan?

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I have some question about our Hosting Service.
I have purchased launch plan that includes: 2 Separate Web Sites, up to 6 domains with email, and 2 MySQL Database

I finally carry out the Transfer of one of our Domains. And I want to transfer another, however, AMP does not allow me the option to transfer without buying.

The Launch plan, let me with 6 Domains, really?
Or what do you mean with "6 Domains", in description of launch plan?
What do yo mean with "2 separate web site"?
Please clarify me.

Hello diamondwaycali, and thanks for your question. When looking at our Business Class Web Hosting accounts, the Launch plan comes with the ability to host one primary domain, and one addon domain website. This gives you as mentioned 2 Separate Web Sites, then if you wanted with the Launch plan, you could add another 4 parked domains to your account. This would mean if you had example.com as a primary domain, and then anotherexample.com as a separate addon domain site, you could also park example.net, example.org, example.me and example.us to all 4 also point at the same website hosting space as your primary domain on the account. When you sign-up for hosting, you receive one free domain registration or domain transfer. After that you need to pay for each further domain transfer. You might also wish to read about domain Registrar transfer vs name server change, as you can continue to have your domains registered elsewhere, but still have the websites hosted with us. Please let us know if you had any further questions at all. - Jacob
Hello, Thank you for your question. The Launch plan allows 2 different websites, but up to 6 parked domains. A parked domain is when you have a different domain name pointing to another domain name. This is normally done when someone has a .com, .net, and .org domain name and points all three to the same site. Typically the .com is the website and the .net and .org would be the parked domains since they point to the .com and are not independent websites. Here is an article link that also explains the difference between them: Domain Names - What is the difference / how to work with Addon, Parked, and Subdomains? Kindest Regards, Scott M