Product Category Form

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I have entered my product categories into the Jooma Virtuemart, version 2 system and I would like to know the importance and purpose of the "Ordering" field the "Details" section (half way down on the left hand side). The reason I ask is that there appears to be data that is not what I want in there however I have already products to this category . The system does allow me to select the piece of information that I want in this section from a pull down list, but when I select it and press save then return, it has reverted back to the original information that is incorrect.... how do I fix this, is it really necessary to get this info correct, etc hence request for details on the importance and meaning of this field..... all responses and information concerning this are gratefully received.
Hello GFORCE75, Thank you for your question. The Ordering option in Virtuemart should affect the order the category displays in. This seems to be a known problem in Virtuemart, here is a link in their official forum, where people are reporting the same issue. When you add a product category in VirtueMart, the Name is the only required field. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul