Why do I continually have to Enable Compression for my website?

  • Answered
Seems like every month or so, I have to re-enable compression on my site.
Any clue as to why this would be happening?
Hello guido49, and thanks for your question. Not sure why you would need to continually re-enable compression on your site. How are you going about accomplishing this? Did you follow our guide on mod_deflate with gzip compression and used the Website Optimization icon in cPanel? If so, this adds the mod_deflate code to your .htaccess at the very root of your website, or /home/userna5/, instead of to the one in your /home/userna5/public_html directory. It looks like that file was last modified June 29th, and the .htaccess in your /public_html directory was on July 10th. Currently your website is serving compressed content which can be tested here. The only thing I can think of for needing to re-enable the compression, is if you've manually edited either of your .htaccess files and it overwrote the information to turn on compression. Or possibly you have a setting in your software that is manually turning compression off in the code. Please let us know if you have any other questions at all. - Jacob