Can't login to wordpress after install

  • Answered
I'm trying to set up a website for a client ( After receiving the confirmation email and trying to login, it doesn't recognize my username and password. Also, it won't let me try and receive a lost password from the wp admin page.

Hi Ken, I can't login * To confirm, you're accessing and you are unable to login? * Were you able to login before? When did this issue beging to occur? I cannot use Lost your password? What exactly is happening? For example: * Did you forget the Username or E-mail? * Does it say it sent you an email and you never received it? If you need to reset your WordPress password, we do have an article on that here. This article covers several different ways you can reset your WordPress password. Where are you hosting your site? Based upon a whois lookup, it appears that your domain name is pointing to HostGator. Are you troubleshooting the website on their servers, or do you have an account with us as well and are working towards getting everything setup? Thanks, - Brad