I need multiple cPanel users

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I need multiple cPanel users and I can't see where to add additional users in cPanel or WHM.

I need a consultant to be able to go into a cPanel installation and some work but I don't want them to have the credentials I use to access cPanel.

Is this possible?

Thank you
Hello Jbass524, Thanks for the question! Unfortunately, you can't have multiple cPanel users on one account. There is only one cPanel user per account. However, you can easily create multiple cPanel accounts using your Web Host Manager. To learn how to do this, please follow our tutorial on creating a cPanel account. However, if you're trying to specifically grant access to a particular cPanel account without giving out the cPanel user name and password, then you will need to provide access through FTP. If they need database access, then you can also provide access to the database, but the consultant would need a database client. We have an article on providing access for your designer or developer. This will discuss the best ways to go about it. If they need database access, then use the Remote MySQL connection option in the cPanel. This way, your consultant can access the files of the website using an FTP client, or get to an existing database through a MySQL client and you don't need to share your cPanel user name or password! I hope this helps to answer your question! If you require any further assistance, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.