I have had a website with InMotion for a long time and never tested the e-mail. A friend said he sent me an e-mail from my site and I never got it. I just tried it and I didnt get it either. I think it's not working.

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I thought that if someone used my site to send me an e-mail that I would get it as a g-mail to my g-mail address. What happened? Where have my e-mails from my site been going?
Hello Robert, and thanks for your question. As this is a public forum, I've gone ahead and removed your email address from this post. If you are talking about the contact form of your main domain name that you have setup on the contact.html page, this form doesn't look to be processed by our server. Instead it appears that you have an iframe that is including a form from a remote website service. It looks like you would possibly need to login to this service to view messages, or to setup forwarding to an email address that you have access to. I've sent you a separate email with further information regarding what I'm seeing, if you still have any questions at all please let us know. - Jacob