Permissions Issue with Database

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We're trying to write a PHP script that lets us export one of our tables into CSV format so we can look at the data in Excel. When we try to do a query in PHPMyAdmin we are receiving a permissions error. I've pasted the comment below from our IT board member:

I tried running that query straight in the phpmyadmin interface under the SQL tab and it just tells me "permission denied for [email protected]"
so I believe that's a MySQL permission that needs to be granted.
it's also possible that it's a file permission that's not letting me write to /home/apexor5/public_html/files, but I doubt that's the case.
that's where I'm trying to put the CSV file
I think I need this: GRANT FILE ON *.* TO 'apexor5'@'localhost';

Is there any workaround around this? Or do you know what could be causing it?
Thank you for your question apexorg!

What is the SQL query you are running? It sounds like there is a statement in the query that is not allowed.

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James R