Wish to close my account and receive a refund

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I ordered a 1 year Power Plan from your company on 5/15/2013, to host an existing website we wanted to transfer from Hostgator. The url is www.VHIconnect.org, but is currently being hosted on a temporary url named biz136.inmotionhosting.com/~vhicon5. I wish to take advantage of your full satisfaction guarantee, close the account, and request a refund for the following reasons:
1) I have attempted, for nearly 2 weeks, to work with your tech support and site move team to transfer my site, with no success, and without even having a commit date for them to work on it,
2) The site move team is so backlogged it has become totally unresponsive, other that to say "We'll get back to you on when we can let you know"
3) I spent over and hour on the phone with your chat support agent Phillip M, who left me so angry and frustrated that I decided enough is enough. A previous hour of chat support and several emails (with others) were less frustrating, but in the end, failed to get my site transferred. I'd suggest Phillip work in an area other than customer support.
These 3 items have left me, a customer who came to Inmotion with hopes of a long term, successful relationship, deciding I'm better off remaining with Hostgator, a company which has a terrible customer support reputation. Your sales pitch on good customer support was the bait which brought me to you, the frustrating lack of it just to get my site moved is what has sent me away.

Please refund my payment back to the credit card it was charged to.
Hello stejohns1,

We do apologize for the issues involved in getting your content over to our servers. Yours is a rare case, but it seems to have been a perfect storm of several issues between both Hostgator's ability to get you a backup and our response time for your transfer. Although our Systems team has successfully transferred your account to a server that is ready and able to handle your large account, we do understand if you wish to exercise your cancellation option. Although I am certain once the transfer is made, the issues will be behind you, I have privately emailed you process to cancel your account.

Best Regards,
Scott M