MX records to set at another registrar?

  • Answered
I am possibly confused as to how this works. I have hosting with inmotion, and inmotion hosts and is registrar for my website. However, i have an old site that I have parked and pointed to called I want to set the email addresses for that domain to be handled by inmotion's server, rather than the current yahoo email server. I think that I need proper MX records to enter in at yahoo, who is also the registrar for, to make sure emails go to inmotion. I already set the DNS name servers to inmotion (just a few minutes ago). But I do not know the correct info for the MX record--or do I need to even worry about that? Thanks and I hope my question makes sense, because I barely know what I am talking about.
Hello John! Setting the nameservers to point to your InMotion Hosting server will by default point your MX records to our server. If you set the nameservers to ours and added the domain as a parked domain in your cPanel, you can make email accounts with it and they will start working within 24 hours on our server. Best Regards, James R