Open Cart Store Name

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I am in the process of changing my domain for my site. I purchased a new domain from Inmotion Hosting. Currently I have a logo on my site.

I removed the image of my current logo to check and see if the Open Cart program would place just the name of my store in the header. It did not.

Now that I have a new domain I will not be using a logo for the new name. I don't see any place to put the name of the store for the header or for that matter, any way to play with font and color and style of a name.

There is a place in the Store settings to enter the name of the store but the software does not place the name in the header. I never noticed this before.

How do I place the new name of my store in the header?


Hello Simon,

The best method for this is to create a new logo image, even if it is only text, and replace the current logo. I did a quick test and I was hoping it would be a quick replacement of the logo with some text, but that is not the case. The reason for this is due to the fact it would take a bit of adjustments to the core files. This not only would take additional coding to handle the css, but removing the code for the logo as it is different. Also, any future updates to the programs core files would automatically overwrite this change.

Best Regards,
Scott M