Difficulty Installing Magento CE

  • Answered
I got two steps away from completing the installation of Magento CE, using the "Magento_Community_1-7_User_Guide". When I clicked Continue in the "Configuration" window I got a message that read "There has been an error processing your request". It was pretty discouraging.

I'm currently signed up with InMotion's Power Plan.

From the advice that I've already received it sounds like a VPS plan with Inmotion would be better suited for running a Magento site, but that my Power Plan would suffice as long as my database wasn't too big.

My question is:
Is the reason that I received the error message just as I was close to completing the installation because a.) I used the Magento_Community_1-7_User_Guide instead of using Softaculous, b.) the database that comes with the full release of Magento's Community Edition is too big to be compatible with my Power Plan hosting, or c.) both?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Alexinmo, Not using Softaculous for setting up Magento is not going to the reason yuo're getting an error with the installation. Though, you're probably making it much harder on yourself doing the manual installation. If you're getting an error with the installation, it more likely due to an issue within the configuration requirements needed by the installation. Remove your current efforts of installation and then try installing it with Softaculous. It will be much easier, more organized, and you'll have the option to have all of the installation details emailed to you. Check out this article on using Softaculous: How to install programs using Softaculous. Make sure you remove all of the files in the PUBLIC_HTML folder (or wherever you were previously trying to install. Let us know if you are still having any problems. If you have any further questions, please contact technical support available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Regards, Arnel C. Community Support