Is the server down?

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I was posting on my blog which you host and went to save, and lost my connection to the server. I also can't connect to my C-Panel. I CAN connect to other websites. Is the server down?
Hello, It does seem that ecbiz156 is currently experiencing a high load on the server. Our system administrators are looking to resolve the issue as soon as possible. I would say everything should be fixed within the next 30-45 minutes max. If your website is still not up then please feel free to contact our support department to get an update. Best Regards, TJ Edens
Hello Bill, I sincerely apologize for the pain the server downtime has caused. The news announcement we have is the best details we have from the architectural team. We will keep that updated as much as possible. Kindest Regards, Scott M
I'm a big fan of I recommend it to all of my web design clients. I'm sure you are working as quickly as you can, but the length of this down time must be very bad for some your customers. One of my websites is a nonprofit that has occasional fund-raising events. We often depend on last minute ticket sales made through the website. This would be a very expensive problem for us if people couldn't buy tickets. Expensive because we need those sales to not only generate money for our project but to pay for the expenses of the event (food, booze, the band, the facility, promotion, etc.). I don't want to say my confidence is shaken, but I'll certainly be concerned and maybe have a backup plan for our next big event. Of course inmotion would have much preferred to avoid this problem. But maybe you should be thinking about a workaround if it happens again, especially for mission critical situations, and a way to avoid it in the first place.
Hello, I completely understand your frustration as I am a website owner as well and I require my websites to stay up as much as possible. I too would be upset at the current situation if that roles were reversed with one of my websites. We do have a fail safe plan of action to migrate all of the users to another server however migrating 2000+ accounts would take longer than the time the server FSK should take. We made a news announcement regarding the current situation which I personally will be updating as soon as I get more information. Best Regards, TJ Edens

We do apologize for the interruption in service, however an emergency file system check was necessary. The time frame for this depends on various things on the server, and as a fellow IT pro, I'm certain you understand the server ETA is not always accurate due to other factors. That was true in this case as well. The mission was to check and preserve data, even if it meant the server had to suffer some downtime in the process. You may want to reach out to our Customer Care team with any complaints on the issue and see what they can do for you. Please understand that the safety and integrity of your data is of utmost importance to us.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
Hello Jordan, Since this is a public forum, it is not safe to post account specific information here. As a security measure, I have X'd out your username and password. It looks like this was related to an account suspension. Please contact live support, so they can provide more specific information in a secure manner. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul
Hello ecomus5,

It appears that the server that houses your website was under some temporary heavy traffic. Our Systems team was able to control most of that. The MySQL service is coming back online and all should be running normally within the next few minutes.

Best Regards,
Scott M
Tim S.
Hi awabuaya,

Thanks for posting your question. I'm more than happy to assist you today. I've looked into this for you, and the server was not down. The server that houses your account fell under a DDOS attack and affected how people were able to access some of the resources on the server.

When mitigating the DDOS attack it was necessary to make some changes to the server's configuration. These changes generally take a few hours to take effect.

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us.


Tim S