Prestashop 1.5; delete Categories

  • Answered
Help - it's doing my head in!
I have created some categories (as a learning curve) directly under "Home" with some sub-categories.
I can see them in the schema/table view:
"Catalog > Categories > Add New"

but the top level of these categories is not visible under
"Catalog > Categories".

I wish to delete these categories. My internet searches have found no helpful information so my question is - how do I delete these (now) superflous categories which are not referenced within "Catalog > Categories" ??

Thanks in advance
Hello Seraph,

When creating categories, I always see them when going to Catalog -> Categories. When creating them, however, if I do not select the category as a root, the screen refreshes after saving and the list is blank. I have to return to Catalog -> Categories to see it.

Is this the behavior you are seeing?

Best Regards,
Scott M