Are There Any Issues When Changing From a Shared Hosting to WordPress Plan?

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I am currently on the Launch Plan, considering changing to the WP-2000S plan since I only use wordpress. 

  1. Are there any migration issues I need to be concerned with, or will it just work as is?
  2. What would the expected speed increase be?
    Arnel C
    • Answered

    Hello Mike,

    Thanks for the questions about the migration from shared to a WordPress hosting plan. 

    • Are there any migration issues?  No, it would be an internal transfer and there would be no issues if you're simply changing plans.
    • Performance issues depend on your website.  You can read about the how our WordPress optimization works here.  If your WordPress site is small and basically just simply a few images and text, then you wouldn't see much of a performance increase.  However, if you have a good amount of traffic and you have multiple plugins affecting your pages, then your site will benefit from the optimization provided by the WordPress Hosting solutions that we provide.

    I hope that helps to answer your question! If you require further assistance please let us know!

    Arnel C.