How do I add "structured data" (microdata or rich snippets) to my website's pages?

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My website barely seems to register in Google searches, even though I've done just about everything Google recommends in its "SEO" guidelines. According to the Google Webmaster Tools, however, website does not include any "structured data," which I gather can be added by inserting "microdata" vocabulary expressions into the HTML code for each page. But there is no provision for doing anything like this in the SiteBuilder wizard, and as I have already discovered, if I do this manually from the FileManager in cpanel, the HTML code will be overwritten if I ever again use the SiteBuilder wizard (which is very convenient for a neophyte like me to edit my site). Any suggestions for the best way to proceed?
Thank you for your questions vjmbotc! Google does want structured data in the html of your website. Here is more info on it. Google on Structured Data HTML Microdata W3c Unfortunately, the HTML required are attributes within the html tags and the builder does not have a built in way to add attributes other than whats available in the builder already, The only way to add the html attributes would be to edit the code on the server. You are correct. Editing the code on the server then republishing the builder site will erase the code changes you made. Unfortunately there is no work around this with the builder. You may want to consider a different website software that has this capability. Getting your site searched in search engines is a difficult task. We do have this article available. Hopefully it helps. How to get your site into search engines. Sorry we could not have been better help with this. Regards James R