Use Multiple WordPress Themes on the Same Domain

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Hi, I would like to install a blog in my website that is actually build around a wordpress structure, and I would like this blog not to use the same theme than the one website uses.

I have read somwhere that it is possible to instal a "blog in the blog" by creating a subdomain of the website. eg. is the primary site, and to make possible touse then a different theme installed in this subdomain specifically.

It looks like I can create a subdomain with installing wordpress again in the Cpanel, though I can also create a subdomain in the cpanel. I would like not to damage my website, so I prefer to make sure upfront that I use the good way to do so.

Thanks in advance for your answers.
Hello JFCStudio,

Yes, when installing Wordpress, if you specify a subdomain to install the new instance into, cpanel will create it and it will have no affect on the existing site.

This means you can have and as separate instances and with separate themes, plugins, etc.

Best Regards,
Scott M