mysql database user permissions - access by table

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I can't seem to find any way to adjust mysql user permissions by table, only by database.

Normally I would perform such a task by doing "grant select on mydb.tablename to dbuser identified by 'password'" but since I am on a shared server, I don't have mysqladmin privileges to create users and can only do so through the cpanel, which doesn't have this option.

Is there any work around to limit mySQL users by table on a shared inmotion server?

This seems like basic functionality, but then again I've never worked on shared servers before and have always had full admin access. Is this common practice for shared servers to limit this? Is my only option to be more cautious with my php coding?

Also limiting queries/hour, number of connections would be useful

EDIT: I just found this

I can't believe this isn't available..
Thank you for your question sdegele!

Sorry the MySQL user privileges are not changeable per table basis on our shared servers. Unfortunately, the shared servers are locked down in regards to these functions to prevent security issues with the server and there is no work around.

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